Artificial Sweeteners May Disrupt Body’s Blood Sugar Controls

Feb 23, 2019
I think we should always limit our natural sugar intake. Save for fruits and the like.
Artificial sweeteners have more than just the blood sugar control impact.

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Dear brothers and sisters;

I have to agree somewhat with Artificial Sweeteners May Disrupt Body’s Blood Sugar Controls

I have type 2 diabates and many artificial sweeters still have substitutes that are not good for me, however, I have been using Stevia In The Raw for my coffee and tea.

I also have been exercising, not too strenous but enough to produce a sweat, and being careful what goes into my mouth.

I love haagen daaz ice cream, American chocolate cake and all the other stuff because they taste so good. But my type two diabetes says otherwise so I choose not to eat the fun stuff.

I just received my A1C last week and got my sugar down. Praise Him.

Please try Stevia for your own personal results.

God bless you all.
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