Assurance In Aligning With God's Will



Assurance In Aligning With God's Will

Just like the heart crimes,

(Lust and you've committed adultery in your heart....Hate and you've murdered in your heart...)

where your intent of sin was as good as it being done,

all the same-

when you truly align your plans with God's unstoppable will - it is as good as done. Truly.

By prayer and meditating on the word, we can prophesy things to happen and actively "MAKE" them happen by the Holy Spirit. The more you know His will, the more you can correct yourself and do things as so to align with it. And His will is what's best for you. That nothing harms you. That you prosper.

The world looks around and sees random events. We look around and should see God's hand moving everything around in all of it's complexity, and know that He loves us and has it all in control like a little lego land. ;):D

We're able to tap into His thoughts and see His plans for us. That is prophesy. We can also speak scripture to situations because there is a whole unseen spiritual world, that hearing the word, will have to make way for God's unstoppable will. That is actively prophesying and making way for God.

So the more you know...;)

Any advice on looking into casting out demons? How complicated then, would it be? With the power of God's word, it would just be saying the right things, no? Would it then be like having a conversation with a demon, until you've burned it enough with scripture that it has nowhere else to go and must flee? You know - because it can dwell, but as you cut off it's reasons to be via prophesying with the word - it will eventually have no reason to be, and will be forced out by God's will being revealed.

Did I just have a revelation?! :)
May 31, 2008
We are like a floppy disks filled with all sinful knowledge and scared,
When we find the strength to expel our disk from our hard drive then our lord burns a copy of his and installs it into our hard drive. then literally we have the mind of Christ We feel think and act as he does for we are born new as more data is inscribed with our daily bread from him.

God bless