At work @_@

At work @_@


My Friend Introduced a job I loved, and I got hired.

We have been working together for about 7 months so far.

New supervisor is comming in to take a lead of us so that the project can be managed well.

Today, when the new supervisor asked me to come over and said me this can be done by a better way as the exisiting way is wrong.
(My friend is responsible for that part, he is right beside of our conversation.)

I expect people who are responsibile to stand out and say something, but He/She sealed his month. I didnt do anything, but keep smiling as it is really not my fault.

What should I do?

God bless.
Accept the advise smile and move on- I find there is always room for improvement and one supervisor generally has different methods than another- business is business and should not be taken personally- your friend may have felt he was on the spot and did not know what to say. If that really bothers you talk to him quietly and on the side about the way you are feeling- and most importantly- FORGIVE as the Lord commands you to do
That was very good of you to sit and smile as you described.
You were not tattling on anyone but I think you showed your innocence this way.
You did a good thing.
You could, later, offer some ways to improve the procedure without criticizing someone, directly~

I think that was very graceful of you too. Continue to do your work well so that your supervisor will know your true abilities. As for your friend, bear no grudge against him/her, but use this as a chance to witness to him/her and to prove yourself as a reliable friend as well.

Don't worry, no matter what you do, God is there, and He will prepare for you what is best.