Just a quick wquestion: do you ban atheists on principle or due to their actions?


I remeber that the bible says something about turning the other cheek! ;-)
It's good if atheist come here if they aren't trying to dissuade believers away from God(YHWH).

Man can not come to God(YHWH) unless the Father leads him/her.
Certain areas of the forum are probably "unbeliever" restricted and others are not...but I personally enjoy engaging these topics with all comers...

Turning the other cheek however is not a doormat psychology (though you may not think it is some do) is actually a cultural norm from the school of has to do with when one is about the Lord's work they are not to resist evil, but do good to the one evil against you in the face of when in the presence of an enemy if we saw them to be thirsty we would give them drink, feed them if they are hungry, ask the Father to forgive them because they cannot know what they are actually doing (they think they do but they do not realize the spiritual ruler they are is the key to appropriate civil disobedience as well)...we rally not back evil for evil...but offer the grace to them that we ourselves would want to receive (which most have indeed received from God when we were actually at enmity against Him)...we see the ultimate expression of this in the words from the cross, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do!" This is the epitome of "turn the other cheek"...


D and BP - Thanks. I think it is always a good idea to examine our beliefs. But that may cause offense, as belief and self identity are often intertwined.

So, apologies in advance.

The cheek thing was a bad joke.

But thanks for the edification.