athiests God love em.


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athiests God love em.

they try to sperate from creation.but it is a thing they couldn,t or try to do.
even from the source as scientists.
they just play out the game at Gods choosing.
nothing like a intellectual fool,and God loves the challenge.
Wise words, Michael... and so very true.

Pastor Gary
God loves the sinners but hates their sins. Even though they are difficult we still need to pray for them because we know where theyre headed and God does too.
Oh atheists they are just the funniest people. They keep their heads in the sand, refuse to acknowledge that there is something greater and more wonderful than themselves. I honestly believe most atheists are narcissists. When someone tells me they don't believe in God, I use a line stolen from the movie Legion. (A good story, not accurate, but what the heck, it was entertainment. At least they didn't insult or disrespect Christianity, which is unusual for Hollywood.)

Bob "What do you mean...Angels? I don't even believe in God!"

Archangel Michael "That's alright, God doesn't believe in you anymore, either."

Say that to an atheist and watch the wheels turn. At least it shuts them up for a time.
I saw that movie just recently. it was good but trippy. I liked the icecream man that turned into a human spider hehehe. I will try that line on my brother because he does not believe in divine creation. He thinks we evolved from amoebas. he thinks we are just a body of water come to life.........o brother gimme a break. But I still pray for him. i have planted several seeds in him but still refuses to even take a look at Gods' word. i still love him tho.

Chili out.