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Effective August 14 at 9 PM Eastern Daylight Time, the CFS Forum will no longer be a place to address, discuss, debate or post ANYTHING concerning Covid-19.

We have had more issues with that topic and more reports filed than any other topic in Forum history. It will not officially be added to the Banned Topics List here at CFS because it is not an extremely long lasting event comparatively speaking. But READ this announcement carefully !

Covid-19 has been made into a biased, agenda driven, political hot topic and it is completely inappropriate to mention it, any clinical trials, vaccines, treatments or facts from ANY media sources here in this Forum. This is being done for LIABILITY REASONS and this policy will not be reversed.

Anyone starting a thread on Covid-19 will be given a written warning. If that warning is ignored, the person may be removed from this forum.

Let us all keep victims of this virus in our prayers. Thank you.

Not open for further replies.