AVG another false alarm

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Brother Mike


I use a firewall, and seldom turn on my virus checker.

I just don't download things that cause viruses or open .exe files unless from a trusted source.

Not STEALING software off bit torrent sites has really helped... um....er...

Anti virus protection is for those that do not pay attention to what they are doing, or need to learn more about their operating system and where viruses are normally stored.

The hardest viruses to get rid of or those that create randomly named copies of themselves. Vundo is an example of one that keeps directing you to buy their anti virus software.


It would be interesting to run a up to date virus scan on your pc Mike.:p
Have to agree with you guys....AVG is free no doubt, but its not the best you can get out there...I use NOD32 and personally recommend it to everyone..Light on the system, stays upto date all the time and never fails to stop even the smallest of attacks...:D