Avoid Mindless Eating

Avoid Mindless Eating

Avoid mindless eating over the holidays with these practical tips.
The holidays are traditionally a time to indulge in great food – mashed potatoes laced with butter, creamy cheeses, and rich desserts. And splurging a little isn't necessarily a bad thing. What can expand your waistline – and make you feel overfull and groggy – is overeating. But new research can help you keep control over your eating, so that you can have your cake – and your health too.
Slow down
Advice to slow down when eating has been around for years. The theory is that it takes some time for the signal that you're full to reach your awareness. New research conducted at the University of Rhode Island, presented at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO)'s conference this October, seem to prove this dieting lore right.

In the study, 30 women made two visits
to Melanson's lab. Each time they were given a large plate of pasta and told to eat as much as they wanted. When they were told to eat quickly, they consumed 646 calories in nine minutes, but when they were encouraged to pause between bites and chew each mouthful 15 to 20 times, they ate just 579 calories in 29 minutes.
They also reported feeling more satiated at the end of the slower meal, and even an hour later. As well, the women said they enjoyed the meal more when they ate more slowly.
Watch – no, really, watch – your portion size
In his new book Mindless Eating, Brian Wansink, Ph.D., of Cornell University, describes an experiment in his opening chapter. Moviegoers were offered a free bucket of popcorn, some large buckets, some medium, and some small. All of the popcorn was stale – relatively unappetizing, especially compared to holiday goodies.

After the movie they were asked about what they ate. Here’s his account of what happened:
“When the people who had been given the large buckets handed their leftover popcorn to us, we said, ‘Some people tonight were given medium-size buckets of popcorn, and others, like yourself, were given these large-size buckets. We have found that the average person who is given a large-size container eats more than if they are given a medium-size container. Do you think you ate more because you had the large size?’ Most disagreed. Many smugly said, ‘That wouldn't happen to me,’ ‘Things like that don't trick me,’ or ‘I'm pretty good at knowing when I'm full.’
That may be what they believed, but it is not what happened.
Weighing the buckets told us that the big-bucket group people ate an average of 173 more calories of popcorn.”
The lesson for holiday eaters? Use a small plate, and choose your fare carefully. It’s probably best not to sit in front of the chips and dip, or keep a platter right by your plate.
On the news the other night they were talking about holiday overeating and they said one problem people have is that they forget to count the calories in their holiday drinks. They pointed out that 1 light beer was around 100+ calories, but one mixed drink could be as many as 600 calories. :eek:

I don't normally drink around the holidays, but just thought I'd add this advice to the overeating thread for those of you who might.
lets see mindless eating ok then

i wont eat this, this, this, this, this, this, and this

ill eat turkey, mashed potatos, green bean casarole, a roll or two, ham, banana pudding, and some pie
I was sitting at home minding my own business and my mom and the family came by for a visit. We had something pumkin peacan strussel or another.

I felt like I was eating a pumpkin-pie flavored cool cloud!

I like to work out and really watch what I eat. But it's times like this that I can't do that!

One bite just leads to another and another and another. Then before I know it, I'm bloated like a tick and feelin miserable!

Who has the alka-seltzer?:eek:
Ha ha ..... That's what happens to me . If it is not in the house then I don't eat it. So moral is .... I don't buy it.

But the other night at church we had a hymm sing and after we had sticky toffee pudding and applecrisp with custard sauce and guess who had both. Yup.... little piggy me ....... onk onk.:D:D


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I must confess, I have a weakness for good chocolate, I don't buy it but every year at work during the holiday season, we have people bring in nice gourmet chocolates and I must eat my share (we don't want that good chocolate to go to waste).


My son bought a bottle of egg nog the other day. It was a single serving sized bottle, guess b how many calories were in it? 1000!!!:eek: Break out the stretchy pants for the holidays!
My son bought a bottle of egg nog the other day. It was a single serving sized bottle, guess b how many calories were in it? 1000!!!:eek: Break out the stretchy pants for the holidays!

:eek::eek::eek::eek: and what about the low fat kind? Actually I taisted that and had to throw the rest away. It was aweful.