Be ready in Jesus. The Fox, Pastors, and the Beast

Hello Everyone, this Prophecy was just fulfilled, the Fox referred to in the Prophecy is Osama Bin Laden.. God Bless..

64. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 26 May 1992 at 8:46 AM Tuesday, in English and non-understandable tongues.
The Fox is coming out of his hole, he is beginning to get the courage to put his plan into motion. The Fox will roam the wilderness slowly and cautiously at first. But he will get the confidence he needs to place his organization into power. For the Fox is one of the players in the scenario of the end.

The Fox will help the Beast in the beginning, then the Beast will destroy the Fox. The Fox will accumulate wealth and wisdom that will be used to manipulate the Rulers of certain countries. And the Beast will use that information to manipulate, to separate, to destroy the Rulers of these countries.

That information will become an important tool for the Beast. But at the time, and the hour, the Fox
will not be needed, he will be destroyed. He will be executed. He will be denounced. He will become one of the stepping stones of the Beast. So beware of the Beast and the stepping stones. (Non-understandable tongues?)

I love you My People. I hope, I really hope that you soften those hearts. Open those ears, and those eyes, and do unto others as you have them do unto you. For the Beast is going to try to slaughter My Sheep, he will do everything within his means to accomplish his goal. And he will despise, down to the core of his heart, My Lambs, My Sheep, My Flock.

So open your heart, your ears, listen to Me. This is your Heavenly Father. I love you, and I am warning you before it happens. So bring the Body of Christ together. Stop bickering, stop fighting. You're so busy fighting among yourselves, that you're going to wind up getting hurt more than if you formed a solid union under Jesus Christ of Nazareth, My Son. For you will be protected, loved, and cherished under the Umbrella of your Heavenly Father. Please My Children listen to Me. Listen to the Words that are Right, that are Truthful, that are Loving. For it hurts Me to see the Body in such shambles.
Stop thinking of yourselves, you Pastors. Stop thinking of your own ideologies, your theologies. Think of the Flock for My Sake, Jehovah, your God. For the penalties of a bad Shepherd are severe. Please, I do not want to implement My Law on you, but if you don't think of your Sheep first, My Wrath will fall upon you without mercy, for My Lambs and Sheep are crying to Me.

Their Prayers rattle My Ears 24 hours a day. And I am tired of watching the Leaders of My Church totally ignore My Sheep; The ones who have no one; The lonely; The broken hearted; The hungry; The sick. The ones that are in the street with no where to turn; The ones that I talk to, and no one listens to. My Eyes are with Tears for I will bring to a close what I started in the beginning.
Satan will be placed in the Valley of Eternal Death with, what I am afraid to say, some of My Leaders of My Body. I am warning you with Love on My Lips, to Repent, look for My Sheep, take care of My Lambs for these are not the Words of an empty God. These are the Words of Judgment, for the Judgment will fall upon you without mercy.

I love My Sheep. I love My Sheep. This is your Heavenly Father, Jehovah. The Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that was, is, and will be. I am today, the same, as today and yesterday, and My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit; ready to bring to a close one of the Biggest Chapters in your little Planet. Peace, and mercy, and love, I extend to My Sheep, the ones that are alone and helpless. I have not forgotten you. Please never forget that, I never forget anything for I am God, and I love You.