Be renewed in prayer!

Be renewed in prayer!

Are you aware, that there can be obstacles in our prayer, which prevent our trustful and enduring prayers? Even though we had received Christ into our lives and were saved, starting to pray, trusting prayer and perseverance are not always so simple, many unnecessary obstacles may come in the way of our prayer.
Sometimes the reason might simply be that we don’t understand our position before God, through Jesus. Even though Christ should be our righteousness, and through Him we can approach God, we might not properly understand or fully realize this important basic fact. Instead, we might concentrate on ourselves and our imperfections, and therefore don’t expect that God would answer our prayer. We expect that he answers other, "holier people’s" prayers, but we ourselves don’t have this kind of a trust in our prayers.
Another hindrance in prayer can be the wrong kind of teaching, for instance in matters like where to direct our prayer and the correct amount of prayer. If we have received the wrong kind of teaching on this area, it might unnecessarily lead us astray or paralyse our prayer. If we forget, that the God whom we pray to is in heaven, or always think that it's enough to pray once for each matter, it might result in our prayer gets paralyzed. It then changes its form and is left as only a word among other words, which is not at all its purpose.
On the next pages we are going to look at this important issue and also look at why it is so important to pray persistently. The purpose is, that we would learn to pray enduringly and with trust, and that we could remove all the unnecessary hindrances disturbing our prayer. If this happens, your prayer life is sure to be a lot easier!