Be Still and Know

Nazarene Servant

Account Closed
Help us to recognize the things You are saying to us in the
stillness of our spirit. Open the eyes of our heart. Continue
the good work in us that will be completed in You. Lead us
by the still waters and give us those moments of stillness
that we may see what You see in us. Come into our hearts
and search them. If there is anything which is an hinderance
in our walk with You we know You are a gentle God and will
mercifully walk us into those times of relinquishing our right
to those things that will hurt us. Encourage our walk with You
and lift us up from the mire. We started our walk with faith
and will continue our walk in faith.
You are amazing, God. You deserve all of the glory and praise.
You will be glorified above all. You are the only true God.
If these things are pleasing to you then seal them with Your
approval and make them occur as we have requested. As such:

Amen, amen, and amen.