Beautiful Pair

Beloved, I made you as My own home, as My own dwelling-place. Oh My child, how I love you! I have created you to be always filled with My presence. I have formed you to be always host to My outspread hand. You are My resting-place.

Beloved, you were meant for Me, for we are a beautiful pair. You were formed as an imprint of My very fullness; you were formed around My goodness. Your heart is called Lacking, and I am called Satisfaction. This imprinted lacking is not evil,
for it was made around My satisfaction: you were formed in My image. I am as water, and I have made you as a thirsty throat—why not drink of Me? You are made whole, and perfect, and complete in Me. You were not made to be alone. I complete you. This is what I have created, and this is how I have formed you.