Bee movie

Bee movie

An unofficial review....Spoilers alert!!!!!

We went to see this movie yeaterday. All in all it's very clean. I can't remember a single curse word. you get the standard evolution time line, and the bee keepers are painted as derrainged maniacs, but it's quick & minor.

The premise is a natural bee colony in central park. We get to see into the hive, and the lives of ordinary bees. Lots of site gags, and silly humor. The main character is told he will work the same job until he dies...he doesn't like this idea. So he starts questioning life. He ends up going out of the hive on a dare, and getting lost. There he meets a lady who refuses to kill him, and saves him from her boyfriend. Because of this act of kindness, he decides to try to talk to her. What follows is a story of star crossed lovers...but they never "go there", thankfully.

The bee then finds out that humans consume honey...and enslave whole colonies of bees who get gassed, and their honey gets stolen! So he decides to enlist his lady friend to sue all of humanity for theft of honey. They win.

Once the case is won, the bees become lazy. They get their honey back, and have no need to make any more, so why go out and collect pollen & nectar? What happens next is the plants begin to whither because of lack of pollination. The bee recognises his mistake, and tries to correct it. In the end the pollination "revives" the plants, and the world is saved.

My only problem with this movie is that it mixes truth with fiction so well, that when they spout off information about bees, you really don't know if it's the truth or lies. I would suggest getting a good book and educating children about the REAL lives of bees, and how pollination really works, and what would happen to the world if bees did stop doing ther job, because it appears to be happening for real, and the more they know, the better.


Sounds like I can take my grandson- thanks sis!