Being logged out by site &...

Hiya Technical team

1: I noticed since last week the site is randomly logging me out and requesting I sign in if I want to post etc, but when I look in the 'people signed in colum' my name is listed as looged in. Can you please advise me?

2: I'm not sure if the 'conversation' function is working either, so I wonder if you could check for me please?


Pastor Gary

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As you log in you will see a check box that says "Stay logged in" next to the [LOGIN] button. If you place a check in that "Stay Logged In" box, your issue should be cleared. Ordinarily, the forum software will log members out after 15 minutes if you do not interact with the forum software. Reading posts without navigating will time you out at 15 minutes unless you check the "Stay Logged In" box at LOGIN. If you still get timed out, add a reply to this thread and "Deep Soul" can evaluate.

Regarding the Private Messaging feature, the site tech advisor (Deep Soul) will look into that for you as well.