Being Renewed


Underline all verbs.
Circle key words or phrases.
Highlight repeated words or phrases.
Box connecting words.

1. In 2 COR. 4:8-16, the Corinthians were conceiving of the Christian life as advantageous to their social life and full of prestige and possessions.
Paul’s life did not look anything like that. How do you conceive the “normal” Christian life? More like Paul or more like the Corinthians?
2. In what ways does difficulty help to create togetherness in the Christian life? How have you seen this work in your life in the past?

Journal your thoughts on the passage:
Read 2 Cor 4:8-16

–Write about what God wants you to know . . .
–Write about how God wants you to feel . . .
–Write about what God wants you to do.
Practice READ, SOAP or Lectio Divina method on This Passage of Scripture.