being transparent



God is a Spirit SC, He is there and shows Himself in many ways.
We do see God every day! I saw Him this morning when the sun rose up...the clouds were fire - oranges and reds and yellows against a deep purple-blue sky. Man can't do that, no matter how much we spend.

I saw Him today in a baby calf by the road. Sure, some day that calf is going to be a happy meal...but for now, he's a baby and he was so cuuuuute! He just looked at me with this dumb expression on his face, :eek:, like: What's the matter with you!? It was a silly-beautiful moment.

I saw Him when I got to the office and hugged my friend, whose doggy just died. She had that dog forever, and it was her child (she didn't have any). She misses him so much. God was in that hug.

God is everywhere! Everywhere! Whether we see Him or not, that's our choice. Some people refuse to see Him. Some people can't help but to see Him in all things.

He's so beautiful!:D


We see parts of God. I think we'd die if we saw all of him. He is incomprehensible, so only in doses can we have any understanding of him. Until he comes to save us.