Belief in All-knowing Punitive gods

Sep 3, 2009
Some years ago TIME magazine ran a similar story but also wrote that we are hard wired to worship - and if not something, then anything. The word of God is written on our hearts so I'm glad they caught up to the word of God! :D

I remember that article as well. I believe that we were all made with the capacity to worship. WHAT or who we choose is the real problem when we reject the Bible as a source of information to be learned from.
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Apr 11, 2014
I find it amusing that they found it necessary to include "punitive" as a description of a god.
Are we to assume by this that non-punitive god worship does not avail the same benefits? This would fly in the face of conventional wisdom of the PC crowd (politicians, educators, media, etc.) that positive reinforcement is the best way to motivate our youth.

These people tend to focus only on the "God of wrath" in findings like this, unless it suits their fancy to shame a person of faith into acquiescence by stating God is a God of love.
As if people of faith only believe in a God of wrath and bash the heathen with an attitude delineated from that mindset.

God is the God of Love and Wrath, Mercy and Judgement. He made a way for all to live in goodness and escape our evil intents and desires. Ignoring that is small minded in my book.
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