Best time to pray?



Best time to pray?

I'm seriously puzzled about if there's a best time of day/night to pray to Heavenly Father if you live in Australia like me...

You see, there are certain countries in the world where the overwhelming majority of the population are devout believers (like Italy, Ireland and the USA etc.). If we assume that most prayers are said just before bedtime in these countries -- and the hundreds of millions of prayers that the Lord has to handle at the same time -- do you suppose it would help if I scheduled my prayers to avoid these "rush-hour" periods, as it were?

Thanks in advance for your guidance,


Rush Hour

First, the Lord will only respond to those prayers that are according to his Will. Most people do not know what his will is on things, they just throw up any old thing that crosses their mind and sounds humble to them, Hoping God will answer one or two. So, you won't have to compete with those that do not know God's will on something. Most of those "If it be thy Will prayers." are not getting though, because the condition is that we already know his will, before praying. If you don't know his Will, then you have no confidence, and no faith.

1Jn 5:14
And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:
1Jn 5:15 And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

Next thing, not everyone is praying to the same God, so OuR God is not responding to those prayers.

Now, God responds to faith, and a heart that believes Him, just not believing that He is real, but trust Him to come through every time.

So, you can mark out most to the competition because of this.

Really though, The Holy Ghost has been sent to the earth for everyone that will believe, and God lives in us. So, fielding all those prayer request is not a issue for God, even if every one is praying in faith and believing. God, can handle all at once, and your prayer will not be lost in the Jumble.

Though we are created in the Image of God, just like God, God is not limited to being at one place at one time, He is everywhere, and hears everything, we can not, nor can the Angels.

So, it is safe to pray without ceasing, at anytime, You won't be left out.

God Bless.
The best time to pray is.....anytime. The God who created the uncountable billions and trillions and more stars, and Who knows them by name, is quite able to distinguish your voice from that of a few billion people. Many people pray at a certain time because it is easier to concentrate and formulate their thoughts and pay attention to God at that time. For many people that time is bedtime, when their work and chores for the day are done. But that is a matter of human limitations and schedules and conveniences rather than any logistical issues from God's side.

Of course, since Heaven is above the Northern Hemisphere, your prayers have to travel through Earth first, which might muffle the prayers a bit...... :)

Seriously though, if you are a Christian, Jesus lives in your heart and hears every sigh, petition, laugh, expression of praise, etc. the instant it appears, often before you are aware of it yourself. Your prayer does not have to compete with anyone else's, nor does it have to "travel" anywhere to reach God. That's how great God is and how precious you are to Him.
Pray whenever you want. Unlike us, God does not have a telephone service, so He can pick up your 'call' from pretty much anywhere. :D

I'm seriously puzzled about if there's a best time of day/night to pray to Heavenly Father if you live in Australia like me...

You see, there are certain countries in the world where the overwhelming majority of the population are devout believers (like Italy, Ireland and the USA etc.). If we assume that most prayers are said just before bedtime in these countries -- and the hundreds of millions of prayers that the Lord has to handle at the same time -- do you suppose it would help if I scheduled my prayers to avoid these "rush-hour" periods, as it were?

Thanks in advance for your guidance,
I believe that God hears us at anytime. We may not recieve what we ask for, but HE loves us that much that HE will only give unto us what is best.
Anytime that you have an earnest prayer, you mean what you are praying to GOD about and you have Faith in the LORD, then any time is a good time:)
Praise the LORD!


Best time to pray you ask ??? Well there is no best time to pray but the time is we should always be in prayer . That does not mean we need to close our eyes , when we are driving but it means we should be constantly thinking about Jesus and asking Him what we should do .

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and because we serve a God who covets our praise and worship , He deperately desires that we commune with Him . How can we have a relationship with some one if it is all one sided .? Same with God , He wants us to talk to Him and He with us in order to develope a relationship with Him .

We do not have to have flowery words or long prayers and as we develope our relationship with God it will become a form of life that you will find that you won't have to ask when or what time .

I believe God wants us to honour Him when we rise and when we go to bed and those are the times when we can express our wants ( not like a shopping list) but what ever the Holy Spirit lays on our heart or whoever needs prayer in our families , friends and church family .

Because God is our friend , we can talk to Him the same way we talk to a friend .


Pray when??

Why Should We Pray Incessantly?

“Pray incessantly. In connection with everything give thanks.”—1*Thessalonians 5:17,*18.

THE prophet Daniel had the custom of praying to God three times a day. He would kneel at the window of his roof chamber, which faced the city of Jerusalem, and offer up his petitions. (1*Kings 8:46-49; Daniel 6:10) Even when a royal decree prohibited petitions to anyone but Darius, the Median king, Daniel did not waver for one moment. Whether it endangered his life or not, this man of prayer entreated Jehovah incessantly.

2 How did Jehovah(ALMIGHTY GOD) view Daniel? When the angel Gabriel came to answer one of Daniel’s prayers, he described the prophet as “someone very desirable” or “a man greatly beloved.” (Daniel 9:20-23; The New English Bible) In the prophecy of Ezekiel, Jehovah referred to Daniel as a righteous man. (Ezekiel 14:14,*20) Over the years, Daniel’s prayers evidently resulted in a close relationship with his God, a fact recognized even by Darius.—Daniel 6:16.

3 Regular prayer can also help us face severe trials. For example, consider the case of Harold King, a missionary in China who was sentenced to five years in solitary confinement. Concerning his experience, Brother King said: “I might be isolated from my fellowmen, but no one could isolate me from God. .*.*. So, open to the view of any who might pass my cell, I knelt in my cell three times a day and prayed aloud, keeping in mind Daniel, of whom the Bible speaks. .*.*. It seemed that on such occasions God’s spirit guided my mind to the most beneficial matters and gave me a feeling of composure. What spiritual strength and comfort prayer brought to me!”

4 The Bible states: “Pray incessantly. In connection with everything give thanks.” (1*Thessalonians 5:17,*18) In view of this counsel, let us consider the following questions: Why should we pay attention to our prayers? What reasons do we have for approaching Jehovah constantly? And what should we do if we feel unworthy to pray to God because of our shortcomings?

Build Friendship Through Prayer

5 Would you like Jehovah to think of you as his friend? He spoke of the patriarch Abraham in that way. (Isaiah 41:8; James 2:23) Jehovah wants us to develop that sort of relationship with him. He actually invites us to draw close to him. (James 4:8) Should not that invitation make us reflect on the unique provision of prayer? How difficult it is to obtain an appointment to speak to an important government official, let alone become his friend! Yet, the Creator of the universe encourages us to approach him freely in prayer, whenever we want or need to do so. (Psalm 37:5) Our incessant prayers help us to have a close friendship with Jehovah.

6 How easily, though, we can neglect prayer! Just dealing with pressures of everyday life can absorb so much of our attention that we do not make an effort to speak to God. Jesus encouraged his disciples to “pray continually,” and he himself did that. (Matthew 26:41) Though he invariably found himself busy from morning to night, he set aside time to talk to his heavenly Father. Sometimes, Jesus got up “early in the morning, while it was still dark,” in order to pray. (Mark 1:35) On other occasions, he retired to a lonely place at the end of the day in order to talk to Jehovah. (Matthew 14:23) Jesus always made time to pray, and so should we.—1*Peter 2:21.

7 Appropriate moments for private prayer present themselves many times each day as we face problems, encounter temptations, and make decisions. (Ephesians 6:18) When we seek God’s guidance in all aspects of life, our friendship with him is certain to grow. If two friends face problems together, does not the bond of friendship between them become stronger? (Proverbs 17:17) The same is true when we lean on Jehovah and experience his help.—2*Chronicles 14:11.

8 How glad we can be that God puts no limit on how long or how often we may talk to him in prayer! Nehemiah quickly uttered a silent prayer before making a petition to the king of Persia. (Nehemiah 2:4,*5) Jesus also offered a brief prayer when he requested that Jehovah give him the power to resurrect Lazarus. (John 11:41,*42) Hannah, on the other hand, “prayed extendedly before Jehovah” when she poured out her heart to him. (1*Samuel 1:12, 15,*16) Our personal prayers can be brief or lengthy according to the need and the circumstances.

9 Many prayers in the Bible express heartfelt appreciation for Jehovah’s supreme position and his wonderful works. (Exodus 15:1-19; 1*Chronicles 16:7-36; Psalm 145) In a vision, the apostle John sees the 24 elders—the complete number of anointed Christians in their heavenly position—praise Jehovah, saying: “You are worthy, Jehovah, even our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will they existed and were created.” (Revelation 4:10,*11) We too have reason to praise the Creator regularly. How happy parents feel when their child thanks them from the heart for something they have done for him! Reflecting appreciatively on Jehovah’s kindnesses and expressing our heartfelt gratitude for them is a fine way to improve the quality of our prayers.

“Pray Incessantly”—Why?

10 Regular prayer is essential to our faith. After illustrating the need “always to pray and not to give up,” Jesus asked: “When the Son of man arrives, will he really find the faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:1-8) Meaningful, heartfelt prayer builds faith. When the patriarch Abraham was getting old and had yet to produce offspring, he spoke with God about the matter. In reply, Jehovah first asked him to look up to the heavens and count the stars, if he possibly could. Then God reassured Abraham: “So your seed will become.” The result? Abraham “put faith in Jehovah; and he proceeded to count it to him as righteousness.” (Genesis 15:5,*6) If we open our hearts to Jehovah in prayer, accept his assurances from the Bible, and obey him, he will strengthen our faith.

11 Prayer can also help us to handle problems. Is our lot in life burdensome and the circumstances we face harsh? The Bible tells us: “Throw your burden upon Jehovah himself, and he himself will sustain you. Never will he allow the righteous one to totter.” (Psalm 55:22) When faced with difficult decisions, we can imitate Jesus’ example. He spent a whole night in private prayer before appointing his 12 apostles. (Luke 6:12-16) And on the night before he died, Jesus prayed so intensely that “his sweat became as drops of blood falling to the ground.” (Luke 22:44) The result? “He was favorably heard for his godly fear.” (Hebrews 5:7) Our fervent and incessant prayers will help us to cope with stressful situations and difficult trials.

12 Another reason to draw closer to Jehovah by means of prayer is that he, in turn, draws closer to us. (James 4:8) When we open up our heart to Jehovah in prayer, do we not sense that he is interested in our needs and tenderly cares for us? We experience God’s love in a very personal way. Jehovah has not delegated to anyone else the responsibility of listening to each and every prayer that his servants direct to him as their heavenly Father. (Psalm 66:19,*20; Luke 11:2) And he invites us to ‘throw all our anxiety upon him because he cares for us.’—1*Peter 5:6,*7.

13 Prayer can infuse us with greater zeal for the public ministry and strengthen us when apathy or opposition might make us feel like quitting. (Acts 4:23-31) Prayer can also safeguard us against “the machinations of the Devil.” (Ephesians 6:11, 17,*18) When struggling to cope with daily trials, we can constantly ask God to fortify us. Jesus’ model prayer includes the request that Jehovah “deliver us from the wicked one,” Satan the Devil.—Matthew 6:13.

14 If we continue to pray for help in controlling our sinful inclinations, we will experience Jehovah’s helping hand. We have this assurance: “God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but along with the temptation he will also make the way out in order for you to be able to endure it.” (1*Corinthians 10:13) The apostle Paul himself experienced Jehovah’s strengthening care in a wide variety of circumstances. “For all things I have the strength by virtue of him who imparts power to me,” he said.—Philippians 4:13; 2*Corinthians 11:23-29.

Persevere in Prayer Despite Shortcomings

15 For our prayers to be favorably heard, we must not reject the counsel of God’s Word. “Whatever we ask we receive from him,” wrote the apostle John, “because we are observing his commandments and are doing the things that are pleasing in his eyes.” (1*John 3:22) What might happen, though, when our conduct falls short of God’s standards? Adam and Eve hid themselves after their sin in the garden of Eden. We too may feel inclined to hide “from the face of Jehovah” and stop praying. (Genesis 3:8) “I have noticed that invariably the first false step taken by those who drift away from Jehovah and his organization is that they stop praying,” observes Klaus, an experienced traveling overseer. (Hebrews 2:1) This was the case with José Ángel. He says: “For nearly eight years, I rarely prayed to Jehovah. I felt unworthy to talk to him, although I still considered him to be my heavenly Father.”

16 Some of us might feel unworthy to pray because of spiritual weakness or because we have lapsed into wrongdoing. But this is precisely when we need to take full advantage of the provision of prayer. Jonah ran away from his assignment. But ‘out of his distresses, Jonah called out to Jehovah, and He proceeded to answer him. Out of the belly of Sheol, Jonah cried for help, and Jehovah heard his voice.’ (Jonah 2:2) Jonah prayed, Jehovah answered his prayer, and Jonah recovered spiritually.

17 José Ángel also prayed fervently for help. He recalls: “I opened my heart and begged God for his forgiveness. And he did help me. I don’t think I would have returned to the truth without the help of prayer. I now pray regularly every day, and I look forward to these times.” We should always feel free to talk openly to God about our mistakes and humbly ask his forgiveness. When King David confessed his transgressions, Jehovah pardoned his sins. (Psalm 32:3-5) Jehovah wants to help us, not to condemn us. (1*John 3:19,*20) And the prayers of older men of the congregation can help us spiritually, for such petitions have “much force.”—James 5:13-16.

18 What father would reject a son who humbly turns to him for help and advice after making a mistake? The parable of the prodigal son shows that regardless of how far we may have strayed, our heavenly Father rejoices when we return to him. (Luke 15:21, 22,*32) Jehovah urges all erring ones to call to him, “for he will forgive in a large way.” (Isaiah 55:6,*7) Although David committed several serious sins, he called on Jehovah, saying: “Do give ear, O*God, to my prayer; and do not hide yourself from my request for favor.” He also said: “Evening and morning and noontime I cannot but show concern and I moan, and [Jehovah] hears my voice.” (Psalm 55:1,*17) How reassuring!

19 What if our petition does not meet with an immediate response? Then we must make certain that our request is in harmony with Jehovah’s will and is offered in Jesus’ name. (John 16:23; 1*John 5:14) The disciple James referred to some Christians whose prayers remained unanswered because they were “asking for a wrong purpose.” (James 4:3) On the other hand, we should not be quick to conclude that seemingly unanswered prayers are always evidence of God’s disapproval. Jehovah may at times allow faithful worshipers to keep on praying about a matter for a while before his response becomes apparent. “Keep on asking, and it will be given you,” Jesus said. (Matthew 7:7) Hence, we need to “persevere in prayer.”—Romans 12:12.

Pray Regularly

20 Pressures and problems are multiplying in these “last days,” marked by “critical times hard to deal with.” (2*Timothy 3:1) And trials can easily preoccupy our minds. Our incessant prayers, however, will help us to keep our lives on a spiritual course despite persistent problems, temptations, and discouragement. Our daily prayers to Jehovah can provide the vital support we need.

21 Jehovah, the “Hearer of prayer,” is never too busy to listen to us. (Psalm 65:2) Let us never be too busy to talk to him. Our friendship with God is the most precious possession we have. May we never take it for granted. “Let us, therefore, approach with freeness of speech to the throne of undeserved kindness, that we may obtain mercy and find undeserved kindness for help at the right time.”—Hebrews 4:16.
The best time to pray. Well I would pose another question, why does there need to be a best time?

In my life i talk with God throughout the day in whatever I am doing. Prayer does not have to be a sit down time that is all qiet and cozy. Quiet times with the Lord are wonderful and I enjoy them greatly, however prayer is much more then that. Prayer is communion with God, it is talking to Him about anything at anytime and anywere. He is a BIG God and He knows us better then we know ourselves.
What I think about more then when is the best time to pray is, how can I learn to hear God when he speaks to me in answer to my prayers. Hearing God voice is very important in living a life for Him. He said my sheep hear my voice.
I agree with those who have said that the best time to pray is ANYTIME, but if you are asking about quality time to pray I also have to answer – ANYTIME!

True story . . .

I remember years ago when my brother was going through a custody battle for his young daughter. The lawyers were trying to set up quality visitation hours for him. Well, His ex-wife's lawyer asked, "So, sir, you want quality time with your daughter? What do you consider quality time to be?" My brother looked that man straight in the face and calmly answered, "Quality time with my daughter, sir, is any time I lay my eyes on her."

I believe quality time for God is anytime we talk to Him.

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Where ever you are when ever you want. God is always there to listen to our prayers. May Gods love be with you and may His peace be upon you. ..... Love Jane
The one and true God loves to hear our prayers anytime 24/7. There is no volume that is too big for Him. The important thing is that you take time daily to pray.
When I first wake up I can hear the Lord speaking to me easier and sometimes even hear my spirit singing a certain praise song on awakening. I think we can hear His voice better then because our mind it not so cluttered with all the things we have to do that day.