Bible Definitions

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Okay, I know that most bibles have a glossary of terms, but, let's come up with our own. Put a couple of words that you see and what they mean in your own words. Don't do the Greek and Latin versions. Just the English version. Let me start:

Brimstone- punishment.
Sea- lots of people.

Now your turn guys. Just two words, and then the meaning in YOUR own words. I want to see how many words we can create for everyone to know when reading the bible. Just the English word and meaning.
scripture = the word of God ..
bible = a translation of scripture sometimes different then what the scripture says ..
that pretty much seems like the translators would have us blasphemy God, by implying God who is holy, could/would lead us into temptation ..

why does the bible say we should repent for others ???
since when can one heart repent for another heart ???
.. "and forgive us our trespasses" ..

but scriptures says "egō" 4 times in that verse .. not one "autos" ..

the translator must have surely known basic Greek you would think ..
egō should be translated as "me, my & I" ..
autos should be translated as "us, our & we" ..

perhaps they were drinking .. who knows ..