Bible Question Challenge

I think I like the Psalms and the Gospels the best. The first because I can so relate to the prayers and songs of the Psalmist and the latter because it is all about Jesus, His message, His Salvation, His Life, His promise of Hope and the love in all of it.

Yet, what is amazing to me is how the Holy Spirit speaks and gives life through the scriptures. So often the passage I am reading (if even in a bible in a year plan) confirms and encourages something I am experiencing. Other time I feel conviction and the need to change something. It is all, just plain good! And the older I get the more I love the Word and how God uses it in my life and the lives of others as well.
When you think about the Bible, in its entirety (not just a part), what is it that amazes you the most about it?
As many gems as are in creation, there are these gems hidden throughout the word of God. Man looks for Him, but can't see Him in His creation or His word, until they ask to see. The word of God is as complex as math, gentle as a dove, stronger than diamonds, and alive through the Holy Spirit's teaching. Most of the discoveries in science come from the word of God - even if they don't know it. The word of God is His way of communicating to our flesh, we just have to listen.