Bible Study - about The "Bible"

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Oct 29, 2006
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Bible Study - about The "Bible"

Few persons have ever taken the time to look into the word 'bible' and find out where that word came from. Most persons think that the word had it's origin from Hebrew language because of the original manuscript texts that all bible translations came from. However, that is not the case. The English word "bible" wasn't created until roughly the 14th century AD. The word was adopted from the Greek language word describing papyrus - the 'paper-like' material that the original scrolls of the manuscripts were written on. That Greek word was 'biblos' which was a descriptive word for the manufactured material that texts were written on.

In 1380, Oxford Professor John Wycliffe hand wrote the first English language 'bible'. This leads us to a website which recaps the entire history of the 'bible' and makes for an interesting history lesson... enjoy:


Jul 27, 2007
Wow .... I never really thought about that Pastor, and I thank you for that link . I will definately be going back there and reading more.

Having seen the Dead Sea Scrolls and the very delicate paper they were written on gives me a better understanding as to how all of God's Word has been preserved over the years. . It is so incredible how now when you go into the place where the scrolls are kept that there is limited lighting and the place needs to be kept humid so outside there is a constant flow of water on the domeof the building that houses the Scrolls.

Praise God that the Word of God is alive. And that we do not serve a dead God .
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