bible study

bible study

i would like to get some advice and tips on how to study my bible,I have just been reading some nt and some ot etc, i would like to really get a solid way of studying that will help me learn and remember. any advice or tips will be well appreciated. even if its something small it might help,
thanks and god bless.


I am quite sure that there are many here who can offer you better advice that I on memorizing scripture. I can tell you ahead of time I am typically unorthodox in most of my "habits". Like Jesus I feel it is better to understand the heart and intent of the Father than to get the words just right but a combination of the 2 would be great. Jesus did not quote the Old Testmaent ver batum but always revealed a loving God through the same scriptures the Pharisee's brought religious bondage from.
What I can share is what works for me- currently I am reading my way through a one year bible program although my preferred method is simply to read the New Testament 2 times for every one trip through the Old Testament. If you are interested in the one year bible reading schedule I will gladly supply that for you.

Things to consider:
Find some quiet time to read. No distractions.
Starting the day and finishing the day in the Word is an awesome combination- as we learn to "sow to the Spirit so shall we reap of the Spirit life.
Be consistent. If you read the Word at the same time daily for 40 or so days chances are you will do it for life. We are creatures of habit and a wise man once said "habits are the children of our choices".

Put on some nice praise and worship music, it really helps me focus and have a right heart attitude as a worshipful heart can readily receive from God.

Expect God to speak to you- He always responds to faith and it is the expectant heart that God pours into.

Invite the Holy Spirit, Jesus gave Him as our Teacher (among other things) so ask Him to show you what that scripture means and how to apply it to your life. It is only when He gives revealtion in the Word that we can understand the mind of Christ, the love of the Father and the heart of the message.

Pray and ask for an opportunity to share and put into action those things He shows you. Putting feet to your faith and hands to His hearts mission releases the power of God in and through your life.

Just some thoughts:
Three of the 4 Gospels are Jesus Christ preaching the lost and fulfilling the requirements of the law. All He did was directed to the mission- clearing a way for God and man to come together again.
The Book of Acts was the birth of the Church and every aspect of our relationship with God was changed.
The Epistles are literally God's love letter for His bride. Edification, correction and everything we will need to walk this earth walk is found in these Holy Spirit inspired writings.
Spend some time studying the Book of Ephesians- it is literally a manual of who and what you have become as a new creature in Christ.
One last thought- have fun with it- make it an intense time of fellowship for in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy and His joy is truly our strength.
Many blessings in Jesus Name,
brother Larry.