Bible translations

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Bible translations

The question can be awnsered many ways but I'm just curious; :) First I must admit I 'collect' Bibles :rolleyes: Dunno why, :D

Let's get to the point; what translation do you use and why - for example in Dutch you have a very beautifull translation but it's older and pretty hard to use when you're not very familair with faith; (lets'call it the new bible translation '51) Also there's the newest translation BUT it has one very annoing fact; the translators decided to minimize the Lord for example in other translation you read "And He (Jesus)...." in this translation they say 'he' very disrespectfull.
-- these two translation are litteraly.

Yesterday I bought 'The Book' (I believe it exists in English too, right?) And it's not litterally but a free translation therefor easier to understand for reborn christians. Of course I can use the 51' but then only part of me understand His Word.
So I'm going to use the book now. It's not litterally but I think it's more important understand HIS Word, rather then pretend to be fancy and wise :p Of course for Bible Studie I use more then one translation.

Well this said I'm curious how you use different translations, and why. :D


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