Bibles banned from 2008 Olympic village

That doesn't surprise me. But, the word of God is spreading in China regardless of what their secret service does.
They're allowed to bring in a single bible...

...that's more power than anybody needs. :D

(Thank You, Jesus!):dance:
WOW! So my question is, if you were a Christian athlete who worked your entire life to make it to the Olympics would you still attend? I don't know the answer to that myself. I am thinking I would but for one reason. The fact that it is being banned is actually a good thing because it is causing publicity! Christians will be praying more for this than ever before. And Christians will bring their Bibles when they might not have before - if you are allowed to bring one why not bring one that you can leave behind! Then again, I would worry that this would be a test to my faith, which might make me feel that I should walk away from my dream to be in the Olympics so that God knows my love and sacrifice for Him. This is definitely going on my prayer list and will be mentioned at my Bible Study next week.
From the first paragraph...

"...even visitors are being warned not to bring more than a single Bible with them when they come to China."


Did they mean: even visitors are being warned not to bring EVEN a single bible with them when they come to China?

Whoah...this is where faith could really be tested. I'd find a way to sneak one in. Maybe electronically in my laptop?;)

Just be persecuted for the glory of God...:)
They realize that the Bible has power!!! That's why they're afraid of it!!! Woo-hoo!!!

I bet they'll allow them to have laptops in the Olympic Village, with wireless internet access...AND THE ENTIRE BIBLE IS AVAILABLE ON THE NET!!! ;) They can't keep out the Word!!!

By the way, did you guys know that many conservative estimates say that there are more sincere, true-believer Christians living in China than there are HUMANS living in North America?