Biblical prophecies

Biblical prophecies

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Prophecies can also be a channel of guidance. We have to take some things into consideration so that we can use them in the correct way, because otherwise we can easily get on the wrong track. Make a note of the following points:

Not the most important thing in guidance. Firstly, the most important thing in the use of prophecies is that they are not the main way guidance is given, only one of them. They have to stay on the background –not in the main role - when we are searching for guidance. Neither can they steal the place of the word of God or displace it, as might easily happen.

The main rule in use of prophecies should be that they usually only confirm what we already know - it rarely brings out anything new. It is unlikely, that God would first speak to others about our guidance. He most certainly always speaks about it first to our own hearts before telling it to us through other people's prophecies. This should always be the order.

What comes to different ministries in the church, it is good to understand that if all of the ministry is led by prophecies or new revelations, we are always led astray. Most of the heresies and false movements have their beginning in the wrong emphasis and use of prophecies. They have begun, because this gift (or perhaps an imitation of this gift) has been raised to the main role, though it should only be in a secondary role.