Billions of electronic-eating 'crazy rasberry ants' invade Texas

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I heard about these on the radio the other day. We haven't gotten any over here yet (of course, Texas is a large state).

When they spoke of the ants on the radio, they reminded me of a roach that I had in one of my apartments..... (no, I did not invite the roach in. It lived there before I ever moved in, and I spent the entire time trying to exterminate it.) But this roach liked my electronics. I never understood why. It would crawl in and live inside my alarm clock, the plug outlets, another clock that I had, my phone, etc. I threw out all of my electronics when I moved from that place. The roach never even went in rooms that had food sources (such as the kitchen). It hung out in the bathroom outlets, and in the bedrooms in the electronics. (If anyone knows why, I'd like to be enlightened.)

Does anyone else sense a good sci-fi movie coming out of all of this? :p
There was an issue with the Nintendo Wii a while back. Or at least it was reported a while back, that the frequency it was giving off had a tendency to attract bugs. Electrical components (and wires) emit a radio signal when electricity is passed through it. Ever hear the low hum of an electrical box when you pass by it? Or get the annoying interferance through your car radio when poor quality spark plug wires have been installed? Certain bugs who use entenae that pick up vibrations can pick up the electrical outputs and think it's a food source.


This is like end times craziness. XD. Hell bent on eating electronics - that's halarious!

For some reason I like to hear that scientists are baffled. XD

Start handing out flamethrowers over there...