Billy: The Early Years & Other Movies

Jul 24, 2008
Nashville, TN
Billy: The Early Years & Other Movies

Just wondering if anyone has seen this movie yet?

At first I was skeptical about how good the movie was going to be, then after the first minute I couldn't help but keep my eyes stuck on the screen. It was so great being able to see how a man, like Billy Graham, who had such an amazing influence on my life, spent his early years struggling with the same thing that I sometimes do, It really gave me hope for the future. Also, I thought that this was the most concise salvation message I have ever seen in a film. Take an unsaved friend to see this movie whenever you go. I've never heard the message of the Good News of Christ presented more clearly in a film from Hollywood. Overall, I would love to see this movie over and over and am planning on taking my youth group with me this week.


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Dec 7, 2005
Sydney, Australia