My father made me a bird feeder, that looks like a house, for Christmas last year. My husband and I bought some bird food last week. We now have some beautiful birds enjoying the food. So far I've seen Chickadees, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, and Sparrows. Does anyone else have bird feeders that are getting some visitors? God has some wonderful creatures doesn't he?
Awwww a person after my own heart.

I love the birds and squirells....I have feeders for both and also set up a feeder and beds in my garage for the feral cats.

A fellow gardening friend sent me a birdhouse gourd for christmas this year and it is really neat and will make a great birdhouse next spring.

I also make flower gardens just for the birds(sunflowers), an butterflies, hummingbirds(wildflower). I love to see Gods creation so very beautiful.