Bless It Forward

My father has always been my greatest role model and teacher, he has always been there for me. He has also always been a devoted Christian whose passion has been studying and understanding religion. He has even written many books on The Shroud of Turin or burial cloth of Jesus, a book on Near Death Experiences and recently wrote his first Novel which I helped edit and turn into a screen play. This screenplay is about the Holy Shroud of Turin which has recently been picked up by a producer and the ball has started rolling.

I truly believe it is one of my missions in life to help make this faith based film happen so we can help renew the faith in many lost people, but I have to tell you it has not been easy. Since we signed with the production company things are trying to move quickly, but we seem to be getting hit with more and more ridiculous road blocks and I honestly feel like there are negative forces trying to stop this movie from happening.

We have a great foundation and I have been reaching out to my local churches who are on board. We even have a meeting with our local Bishop in the next few weeks. We need any and all spare prayers. I believe in the power of prayer.

Above is the link to our YouTube Teaser Trailer which was just finalized so you can see that we are real people, here is our Facebook page. If you have a spare second and say a prayer for us and/or can like our page, thank you! Every prayer counts! #BlessItForward