Bless the Little Children...

Pastor Gary

Senior Moderator and Staff Trainer
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Senior Moderator
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Bless the Little Children...

Good Day, Friends: Our children, grandkids, nieces and nephews are our most valuable treasure. Protecting them from harm is our duty and responsibility as parents, grand parents, uncles and aunts. No job in our lives should be more important to us. There are over 2000 children who are reported MISSING in the United States EACH DAY. Some are runaways who feel smothered by family rules and regulations and want independence, but the vast majority of those who go missing are taken and kidnapped by predators.

We must instill in our youth as to what steps to take to try to remain safe in the face of this abomination of predator kidnapping and exploitation. One excellent resource for all to read and get information is through The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Their website can be found at the bottom of this message. I would strongly suggest that you visit their website and read as to what YOU can do to help prevent these abductions. Do your part to keep your family safe and also do your part in whatever it takes to bring some of these kids back home. Let me quote from the book of Isaiah 60:4 (NLT),"4 "Look and see, for everyone is coming home! Your sons are coming from distant lands; your little daughters will be carried home..."

Thank you and may God Bless the Little Children.


Amen Pastor Gary. Thanks for this reminder on this all important issue.