Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit: For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven.

"Poor in spirit" does not mean to conduct ones life without vitality, nor does it mean that a person is weak. Would we ever accuse Yeshua of being weak? No! He was the personification of humility. People think of humility as weakness because they are judging carnally by man's spirit, that of sight. But the Spirit and the faith of Yahweh, judges according to things not seen—the Kingdom's standards.
Well I think through the latter epistles we get a better understanding of our own weaknesses, and how Gods grace works in those weaknesses. "when I am weak then I am strong" or His strength is made perfect in our weakness. There is truth that only the admittedly weak can understand, there is a knowledge of God and a wisdom that comes to those who become as fools.
We had a good discussion on beatitudes with Silk.. I think she will reply to this thread also :)

NT teaches the importance of being humble at many places..