Blessings From Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem

A few words about us - we are the largest (and growing) store operating from here in Jerusalem that specializes in (without looking to start anything too controversial) gifts that reflect the roots of our faith.
With Christmas and Hanukah just over the horizon we would like to be a blessing to believers throughout the nations by offering the following Discount Voucher.

Only for readers of this forum I have created a unique discount coupon code: CFS10
That code shall give any member of this forum a 10% discount on anything from our store.
For the special person in your life I would like to bring to your attention our beautiful line of Grafted in Messianic Jewelry which to a large part is hand made by Christians within the Old City walls here in Jerusalem. Your purchase shall be blessing the Christian community here in Jerusalem.

These Grafted In Messianic pieces present a graphic picture of Paul's words in as he carefully explained to the Gentiles that when they personally give their lives to Jesus, they are 'grafted in' to the natural olive tree of Israel and become partakers of all the promises of God.
God bless you all
Blessings from Jerusalem
Shalom Jeff, thank you - may we be a blessing where possible. We also have some very nice specials from time to time that I shall be glad to make available to your readers. God bless you