I wanted to comment on a blog but can't seem to find out how to do it . I clicked on comment but still could not leave a comment .
They are un-commentable. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

(Sorry... I have the same problem as you are having with the blogs.)
I don't know about here, but most blogs the person has to decide whether comments are permissable at all and may not allow them. Then if they are, also decide whether to let comments immediately show, or to moderate them first. Which is they decide if they will let the comment show or delete it. Sometimes people post very disrespectfully, or even very ungodly things. Or it could be a glitch
We just got this new skin so it looks like maybe the comment button isn't on there yet. Or I couldn't find it. Or maybe you have to be on their friends list for it to show up.
The only problem with having the same background all the time there is the possibility people get too attached to it . and it can become a psychological factor that hinders change . but .. that's just my observation .
Change is one thing people don't like to do no matter what the subject is :D That's just human nature.
You are right . I am used to change if it is for the better. I had so much change when I was working . I did not have a choice but accepted it as no one gave us a choice.