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You better not be! :mad:

:D Just kidding. Welcome to CFS. Even Frenchies are welcome - just in case you secretly ARE. :p:D

Praying for you and the Mrs., that you'll get a great job!
Ha, But you thought I was French didn't You!

That's because we get stuck with this stigma , that all Canadians speak french.... LOL ... well maybe a lot of the Easterners do but don't ask any one from the west that question. It is a real sore spot.

Anyways suffice to say welcome to the forum eh ! Et beinvenue a CFS . Et J'espere que votre experience es bon. De quelle provence veney - - vous.? J'habite en Ontario.

Je parle meiller que J'ecrite.mas pas de problem parce que je parle englais.

Not open for further replies.