Boudreaux died

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Boudreaux died

One day Boudreaux died, when he got to the pearly gates St Peter tells him-"I am sorry Boudreaux but I can't let you in cause you never knew Jesus- you will have to take the down elevator. Well Boudreaux hangs his head and gets in- the elevator goes to the bottom floor and as soon as the door opens there stands the devil- he says" Boudreaux I've been waiting a long time for you boy come on in. Boudreaux walks around for a while and turns around to face the devil with one little bead of sweat on his forehead- the devil laughs at him and says "do you think it's hot?". Boudreauxs replied- devil this ain't hot- I used to do roofing work in south Louisiana in the summertime that was hot. Well the devil get's frustrated and turns the thermostat all the way up, the next day he stops buy to torment Boudreaux and there he stands with two beads of sweat on his forehead. "Do you think it's hot now Boudreaux ?" - to which Boudreaux replied" devil this ain't hot I used to do road work in south Louisiana in the summertime- now that was hot. Well this really had the devil puzzled as to what he could do next- then it occured to him- he turned the thermostate all the way down. The next day he finds Boudreaux turned blue with ice cicles hanging of his nose- but he had a big smile on his face- this made the devil furious and he stormed up to Boudreaux and demanded -boy I can see you are miserable what are you smiling about- Boudreaux grins and replies" well devil the Saints finally won the super bowl!"
I figured it would take someone from the GNO area to get that one anyway :D