"Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer

"Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer

I'm sorry to say but I was very disappointed with Stephenie Meyer's book, Breaking Dawn which came out August 2nd (yesterday).

I didn't even finish the whole book. I dumped it right when I knew I was uninterested - it wasn't worth my pushing myself to read it to think it would get any better.

Why does this always happen? I cannot understand...all these good books turn out to be flukes once they reach the end of the series.

One of the problems with the book is that it was hard-to-follow and disjointed in some areas. One minute it was following one character the next it was following someone else. The little "surprises" did nothing to make the story more interesting - actually it sounded as if we sped through five more chapters that I never had a chance to read.

Secondly, it was boring. Very boring and slow and the climax was on "low". It wasn't speeding up. It was actually very predictable (which made it less enjoyable for me).

Thirdly, it sounded more like a pumped-up children's book. 5th grade dialogue with 8th grade plus subjects. Not good. Never works. Never will. If you're making a book for a young adult then make it sound like a young adult book, and this is I mean the way it is written. I like a little challenge when I read. It makes it more interesting, y'know?

I give this book a 0/10. I am just going to be honest this was a fluke. Some may differ in their opinions but I am looking for a real story. Not something that's been recycled 10,000,000,000 times. And this is not something based of what the book is about. Just the way this book was written did not appeal to me. It sounded rushed. Stephenie's first two books (Eclipse was kind of weak for me) had that "different" feel to them but as the storyline progressed it didn't do so well.

If you like this story then that's fine. But unless you've read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse you may be a little lost. Oh well, I'll just have to find a new author! :)


She may have fizzled out her fuse.:( Happens to many great authors.

Stephen King used to be my favorite, ya know. Back in the day. Before he started in with the "I can publish anything, even my grocery shopping list, and it'd be a bestseller" kick. Seriously, he said that.

He left Viking because they weren't paying him as much as Tom Clancy. So, it was about the money, too.

Made me think to myself: Wait a minute...now didn't you quote yourself in one of your own stories as saying: "It is the tale--not he who tells it?"

Then he was struck by a van while he was out walking...became very bitter and unforgiving to the driver (who publicly confessed that it was truly an accident, dog in the back seat or not). Then all of Stephen King's stories dealt with old men who were either dying or wishing they would die, taking long walks after the death of a spouse. You know, real page turners.

I read The Host by Stephenie...it was great! Granted, I don't think that Jared would have been so stubborn-hearted in the network of caves as Stephenie made him out to be. I know I wouldn't, if someone I loved came to me with a slug implanted in the back of their neck, I'd still hug them and ask about the slug later.:eek:

But it's her story. She doesn't need my approval. I am but a humble reader.:rolleyes:

Thank you for the review, Near!;) We have a lot of the same taste in music, movies and books...so I don't think I'll be buying this one.:cool: I'm sure somebody out there will like it.