Breath.... Refreshing Air Please

Why people gathered to serve God without unity?

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In my consciousness, as multi-tasking and force quick thinkers, I am drowning in a noisy cascade of my own anxiety, emotions and avidities. An indiscriminate pollutant, hypnotic, but toxic. I need dumbness to hear myself and make our own choices. I am longing for the condition of being or keeping still and silent. Hey world permission me to just sit down and be still for a few hours. I am longing for stillness to recharge and to relax and peace to free my mind. Allow me to do something different to this very hour. I am begging space for silence in my life. A condition that will reward me with a clearer mind, protection from stress and a good physical recharge… Every time I catch my breath, I find there’s no more refreshing air. The sky is getting heavy, but there is no raindrops falling, quite is hard to drop by. Everybody used to argue that people gathered in Jesus (Church) was the resting place for quiet and prayer, but my mind contest. Everyone used his or her own understanding most of the time authoritative ways. What would it be like to be introduced to God in this way? Almighty God… like what you said in your scripture “When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour” Revelation 8; 1… Lord, as if the silence in heaven seems represent the power, strength that’s all needed I would fall asleep in your silence. That’s a good point I want to stay for a moment, I am so sleep deprived and consumed with noise, that if I did experience quiet, it wouldn’t last long for me. I would be unconscious in minutes. That’s certainly the case for me now. Noise is what keeps me tired helpless soon to be compared, like a melting candle, little by little…..


Need some fresh air to breath...........
Hi there, the believer needs to keep 'looking unto Jesus' (Hebrews 12:2), rather than within.

I hope you will derived strength and comfort from the Scriptures.