Bridge Collapse Called a " Miracle"


Bridge Collapse Called a " Miracle"

Bridge Collapse Called a ‘Miracle’

Despite the disastrous circumstances, which left five dead, eight missing and more than 100 injured, the recent bridge collapse in Minneapolis is being called a miracle. “We were surprised that we didn’t have more people seriously injured and killed,” Minneapolis Fire Chief Jim Clack told The Associated Press. “I think it was something of a miracle.” An estimated 100 to 150 cars fell more than 60 feet into the rushing Mississippi river, which was moving slower than usual due to a drought. Because of the bridge’s design, many of the vehicles fell on top of the debris, which went into the river first. A school bus carrying 50 young children back from summer camp was on the bridge during the collapse, but all survived and none of the children were seriously injured. “All I could think was, thank God that bus didn't go in the river,” Kelly Morgan, a resident who lived near the children’s summer camp, told Fox News. Still many ministries are asking that Americans would pray for those currently affected by the tragedy. “Pray for protection for those involved in trying to rescue people in difficult circumstances, including debris and heat,” said Steve Loopstra, executive director of Prayer Transformation Ministries in Minneapolis. “Pray for the families of those who have been caught in this collapse; pray for the Lord's peace for those involved, especially the injured people needing medical attention]
While it is amazing that more people were not injured, I wouldn't call the occurrence of it a miracle. I understood what the Fire Chief meant, but his choice of words was somewhat poor.

It was like when the Towers fell on 9/11, people said it was a miracle that they didn't topple to the side. While that was true, it angered some to hear the word "miracle" associated with 9/11, unless "we need" was also in the same sentence.
There could have been many more killed than they will find, even at the end of the many a car that feel probably fell into the Mississippi, but we ought to keep in prayer the families and friends of the nearly what 20 they have found so far.

Semantics lesson:

The fact that most people on the bridge survived is a miracle. The statement saying "Bridge Collapse Called a Miracle" is disturbing. As someone who lives in Minneapolis, I can tell you that there is nothing joyful about the 35W bridge collapse.

I agree the wording is a bit off. The bridge collapse itself is NOT a miracle. The survival rate is indeed.
Yes amd Amen The survival rate miraculous!!!

the title still brings me to :eek:

Yes I praise God for the miracluos save of the School bus Children and such!!!