Broken Cisterns

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 6:57 a.m. – the Lord Jesus woke me with this song:

Broken Hearts / An Original Work / December 14, 2012

Based off Jeremiah 31:15 (cf. Matt. 2:18)

Weeping in Ramah; Her children no more.
Rachel is weeping; Her comfort forlorn.
Jesus is waiting; Her comforter be,
When she calls on Him, Down on bended knee.
He has provided our sins’ sacrifice,
When He died for our sin, Paying the price.

Our hearts are broken; We’re feeling her pain;
Looking for answers and someone to blame.
Jesus is calling us; Him to believe;
Turning from our sins, So we can be free.
Trust in His promises. Lean on His grace;
Living for Jesus, Eternal life gain.

Days of confusion, Distress, pain and grief;
Looking for someone to give us relief.
Our God and Father in heaven above
Is looking down to us; Providing love.
Call upon Him in your Sadness and pain.
Trust your life with His Son; Live life again.

Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. I read Jeremiah 1-3. I saw how Jeremiah 1-2 fit with situations I was praying over at different times yesterday, which then led me to chapter 3 for today, yet all 3 chapters fit with this song.

Judgment will Fall

In Jeremiah 1, the Lord gave Jeremiah two visions. The Lord was ready to bring judgment on Israel for her sins, as had been prophesied by other prophets, evidently. Calamity was about to befall Israel/Judah. The Lord was to bring another nation and its allies to replace Judah’s government, it appears. The whole land would be brought under subjugation to this new rule. The Lord has spoken to me in other writings he has given me (America, the Beautiful?, The god of the Underworld, and Jupiter, in particular) concerning such judgments coming upon the USA as a nation and against the adulterous and idolatrous church here in America, as well, and for the same reasons.

Israel/Judah, as a nation, and as a people of God were to be judged by God because of their evil in forsaking the one true God, whom they claimed to follow, and because of their spiritual adultery and idolatry (the worship of “gods” they made with their own hands). The Lord Jesus has spoken often concerning the idolatry in our nation’s capital – a nation claiming Christianity as its roots, claims that it trusts in the one true God, and claims that we are one nation under the one true God, and many of its leaders lay claim to being “Christian” themselves while their words and actions speak otherwise.

Israel’s (the church’s) Sins

The Lord Jesus has also spoken often concerning the spiritual adultery and idolatry among his church here in America, which largely has moved away from the true gospel of the cross of Christ in our lives to a gospel of men that does not call for repentance and obedience but that entertains the sinner. Instead of allowing the Lord Jesus to build his church, they have turned the church into a man-made business which is marketed just like big business. True followers and disciples of Jesus Christ are often cast aside in favor of those who would compromise with the world, and who would agree to follow the ways of men instead of the truths of scripture in many cases.

In Jeremiah 2 we get a good picture of how God views his idolatrous and spiritually adulterous people, now the church in that same condition. He describes the problem: Their forefathers went far from God. They went after worthlessness. Wow, is that a picture of much of today’s church here in America! They did not honor God for all he had done for them, but their hearts were wicked and they sought after other gods. God’s people changed what should have been their glory – their salvation – for what does not profit them. They forsook God, “the fountain of living waters,” and they “hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water” (see 2:13).

They rejected the life-giving water of the Spirit of God in salvation and replaced the true gospel of salvation with what is fake and broken and cannot hold water (the Spirit of God). In other words they rejected the one true God and his plan of salvation for their lives in favor of following after man-made idols, and that is where much of the church in America sits today, as well. They have rejected the main truths about Jesus Christ and his gospel in favor of error and man-made religion in order to make Christianity more acceptable to the world and the gospel more palatable to its listeners. So, their sins, i.e. our sins will bring punishment upon us.

Repentance and Restoration

Then, in chapter 3 there is a call of God to repentance and promised restoration to the penitent. “Return, O faithless children,” declares the Lord; “for I am your master…”

The promised restoration then moves in the direction of the messianic age and is reticent of Isaiah 2, which I believe depicts most of what Isaiah is about – the promised Messiah, his life and ministry, the life of the church in the last days, God’s judgments against the church for her spiritual adultery and idolatry, her repentance, restoration and revival, and then her going forth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and people from many nations flocking to the Lord Jesus, to his gospel, to the kingdom of heaven and to his true church, the heavenly Jerusalem, where he has his throne. I believe with all my heart this is what scripture teaches is about to take place – both the judgments of God and the revival of the church resulting in the salvation of people from all nations.

Behold, we come to you,
for you are the Lord our God.
Truly the hills are a delusion,
the orgies on the mountains.
Truly in the Lord our God
is the salvation of Israel. ~ Jer. 3:22b-23 (ESV)

Living Sacrifices / An Original Work / September 14, 2012

Based off Romans 12:1-2; 6:11-14 NIV

Oh, holy ones, I counsel you,
In view of God’s mercy,
To give yourselves to God in love
As living offerings,
Pleasing to God, holy in love.
This is your true worship.
Do not conform to worldly lives.
Let God transform you today.
Then you’ll be able to
Test and approve of what
God’s will is – His pleasing
And perfect will.
Oh, holy ones, I counsel you –
Offer yourselves unto God.

Oh, holy ones, I counsel you –
Do not be conceited.
Humble yourselves before your God.
Do not be self-righteous.
The strength you have to live in love
Comes from your Lord God, so
Live your new lives in pow’r of God.
Be changed in heart, mind and will.
Do this because of what
Christ did for you when
He died on the cross to save
The world from sin.
Oh, holy ones, I counsel you –
Humble yourselves before God.

Oh, holy ones, I counsel you –
Count yourselves dead to sin,
But be alive to God in Christ.
Do not let sin reign in
Your earthly lives so you
Obey its evil desires.
Offer yourselves unto your God
As those who’ve been born again.
For sin shall no longer be
Your lord and master.
Give of yourselves to God
For righteousness.
Oh, holy ones, I counsel you –
Be alive to God in Christ.