Buddy Jesus Syndrome-we need humility in our lives

It seems to me mankind in general has come to the conclusion within itself that it can govern itself in a ‘do whatever you want’ mentality (at least in the United States). The problem with the world is that the “world” rejects God.

The problem with most ‘Christians’ is that they come out of the world with a ‘do whatever you want’ attitude; “accept” Jesus Christ as Savior, hear preaching on being “free from the law” and continue in a ‘Thank God I’m saved and I can still do whatever I want!’ attitude.

This is not the will of God: I’m going to call it ‘Buddy Jesus Syndrome’. I am sure there are folks a whole lot smarter than me in theology that may have a proper name for this condition. For some reason modern Christians have set aside the Power and Holiness of God for some wishy-washy weak 'buddy' image.

My observation of this condition is this: the “cure” for said Buddy Jesus Syndrome is -HUMILITY!

I know I need to be more humble; and I can see plenty of people around me that claim to be Christians need it as well. I am pretty sure the Bible has a lot to say about pleasing God and seeking His face in Holiness and Humility.

Yes Jesus is our "Friend"; but that doesn't mean he will ignore our sin-believer or non-believer. Christ never condoned disobedience to His Word....

We became a Christian in Christ's fulfillment of the law-not God abandoning the law. We show ourselves approved also by 'fulfilling the law' in our bodies and 'walking in the Spirit'. We choose to 'follow Him' because we love Him and show this in our obedience-because we want too! (Not because we are forced into it).


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Ah yes. Seems you've met members of the Church of the Glorious Self.
Lots of those around. Their main defining characteristics are vast arrogance and complete assurance
that because God loves them they can do no wrong.

Isn't that about the only thing that mega preachers push these days?