Burger Grease Art

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NP! He used 10 burgers. I do not know which is more stunning- the quality of his art or the amount of grease.
wow that makes me sick just thinking about the ammount of grease i pumped in to my self when i worked at walmart and ate at mcdonalds 3 or 4 days a week (some times twice a day)


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I cut all fat from my diet last 3 months. All beef is out. pizza ect. I turned to Elk, Bison, alot of fish... I love fish.......NO MORE BACON!!!!! which I LOVE!!
My triglycerides came down from 654 to 103. Cholesterol from 285 to 180 so far.BP is down from 170/105 to 120/ 90 .........Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! im still alive to post some more. This is a praise report!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you jesus!!! AMEN

Chili out. :)