My mother's birthday is coming up and while I knew she wanted a wall clock, I wanted to do something a bit different. I searched to find somewhere that did custom printing and came across CafePress which offered a simple upload of images and some tools to produce a design which they print onto a variety of products.

I wound up using a picture I took last year of a scarecrow in the garden and ordered this:

I've not seen the clock yet (it's made in the US and the tracking says it's cleared UK customs so maybe tomorrow) but I think I'll wind up seeing if I can change the hands for a lighter colour (didn't seem to be an option on their site) but I think otherwise it's going to be OK.

I'm just wondering if anyone else here have used CafePress or similar services and what they may have come up with.
That's a lovely clock.

I have a friend who has an sellers account at Cafe Press. They're a good site. There's also Unlike Cafe Express, Zazzle allows for free seller accounts. In that they don't charge a monthly fee to have a sellers account/store.

The seller receives a commission on everything they create/sell. And they can set their own prices and adjust that percentage rate to them.

Zazzle sells clocks and watches too. And the hands can be changed to either black, or white. But I think that's lovely as is. The black hands are set off from the background due to the white and the blue of the scarecrows hat. Very easy to see. Plus, the sites picture may be darker than the real thing.

Besides, you created it for your mom. She'll treasure it because you made it for her. :) Mom's are like that. All mushy about things their children make for them.
My mom kept the fuzzy cotton ball bunny I made for her when I was in kindergarten till the day she died. :love: Love ya mom. See ya soon.
Thanks for the info and the advice re the hands.

You are certainly right about my mother and a personal touch. I rarely seem to manage to think of anything that I can do and often seem to have other ideas for presents but I do know that putting a little bit of ones own time towards making something for her does mean a lot to her.
That's a killer clock bol. I like it :)

Glad you like it. I've seen the finished clock now and I'm very happy with it. It was such a simple idea. I think perhaps the only thing with a clock is they ask for images up to 3200x3200 pixels for the larger (16/17") clocks (this was a 14", needing 2650x2650).

I'm still wondering if anyone else has anything to show that they had made by using this type of service.