Call 2 Serve

Mark9:35-and He sat and called the twelve and said unto them'If any man desire to be first,the same shall be last of all and servant of all'. We all today,see Jesus as our Lord and really,He is our Lord but while He walked on earth,among us,He didn't live as a Lord or a Master,rather,He served those that should serve Him.If I were to,in three words, describe Christ life on earth,I would say,'Service to humanity',and this is the life,He has extended,to us,who yielded,to Him. His call to leadership is a call to serve.He hasn't called Pastors to be just over the congregation but also, a part of the congregation.He hasn't called believers to look down on or relegate unbelievers,but to draw close,with love and give them,a sense of belonging,for then,will they listen to the Goodnews,you brought.Christ told us to be sheep(harmless,gentle),not among its kind but among wolves(a generation that will get at you, with everything,it's got,inorder to prey on you). To be a good leader,you must understand what,to follow,means-slow to speak,quick to listen and open to opinion,from the fold. We are the body of Christ,we form,the parts of the Lord,let's go out everyday and be a symbol of what Christ represent-service to humanity. God is love and in the power of love,He gave up all His glory,to assume the nature of a man,that He,the creator,served the created,served a carpenter and died on the cross.What more,could you and me do,if our proclamation of love,was not expressed in acts of love.