calling to be a missionary?

calling to be a missionary?

hello..i am 20 yrs of age and currently studying in university, going to be in my second year soon. i have felt the longing to be a missionary since i was 16. i also struggle with depression and i get relapses now and then. does that disqualify me? plus i keep getting mixed messages from people, that if i wanna make an impact in the world i should be more practical not just be a missionary, like i should get a regular job so that i can be more in touch with the world. i dont noe wad to do! :(
if the Lord wants you to be a missionary and you want to be a missionary than you will become a missionary :) dont let any one tell you different :)
Hi, i am 18 starting my 1st year at College. I have felt the call to missions for over a year.. i have went to several mission camps over the past 4 years. and i always feel happyer, and closer to God when im serving others and trying to spread his Gospel and His love..

I finally accepted the calling to be a missionary this year.. as of right now im saving my money and planning fund raisers with my church to try and pay for my trip.

What i want to say to you is.. If you really feel like God is calling you to be a missionary.. dont hold back and dont let the words of others deter you from what God has called you to do..

When you are in Gods will and serving Him you will be live a happyer life.. at least that is how it was with me.. i am happyer serving others. . so maybe its like that for you.

i will keep you in my prayers. :)
The key question for me blankgirl is who is telling you these things and why are they suggesting you don't become a missionary.

For example: If your pastor was suggesting you spend some time in this 'real world' befor becoming a missionary then I would take them seriously. I wouldn't necessarily, immediately do as they say because even pastors can make mistakes [smile].

However, if it is a non-christian telling you then I would put less emphasis on their words.

If that makes sense ?
Blankgirl, I don't know who you've been talking to but there is absolutely nothing wrong or impractical about going on missionary trips. You will not make money off them so of course, you will have a job regardless of if you're doing trips or not. Also, most people have pointless 9to5s that don't have much impact anywhere, so I don't know what is practical about that.

- tsi's friend (dottywine)
this decition is between you and the lord.....Dont let others show you your path, Make sure its God speaking through them before you take it to heart.
If the Lord has called you to serve in the kingdom as a missionary, then please get on with it but seeking his perfect will always.

I'm glad for newness of the Spirit.
You said in your message that you struggle with depression. I can say from experience that you should be wondering if your call to missionary work is a selfish call. There have been many times in my life that I wanted to pack up, go somewhere else, and do something else. The problem with these master plans of mine is that I was still the same person in a different place doing a different thing. My depression followed me. I would be totally ineffective because I was too caught up in myself.

Missionary work can be life changing for yourself and for other people, but my feeling is that you should go into it with a desire to change the world, not for what you might get out of it. My suggestion would be to seek out counseling for the depression issues and talk to your pastor about your feelings and reservations about missionary work.
if the Lord wants you to be a missionary and you want to be a missionary than you will become a missionary :) dont let any one tell you different :)

I'm in college atm and I'm in computer engineering. Ever since I heard Lecrae's song: "Send Me" 2 years ago, I've really thought about missions. Even though I'm studying computer engineering now, I really want the Lord to use me. However, I like Oogii's reply...If the Lord wants me to be in missions, then He'll provide a way. If not, then He will use me here at home for His glory. :)