Can Christians Go To Acupuncture?

Jun 14, 2014
Or is acupuncture occult?
No, it is not occult.
I've incorporated acupuncture into my lifestyle and I'll say it is a wondrous healing methodology. And affords noticeable affects on the balance and overall health of the body. I love it. That combined with full body deep massage is a Godsend. If I were rich I'd employ a staff. No kidding.

I wanted to add this article for your consideration. It's also a great website if you're a mom. :) mother for life .com
Acupuncture for dummies
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May 31, 2014
Or is acupuncture occult?
It is rooted in Taoism. I expect it works on some people but I wouldn't listen to their paganism explanations as to why.

Definition: Acupuncture is the practice of ancient Chinese needle stimulation based upon the occultic religion of Taoism.
Founder: Unknown; the traditional Chinese text is The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine.
How Does it Claim to Work?: Acupuncture claims to work by stimulating acupuncture points with needles, supposedly permitting the cosmic energy of the universe (chi) to flow freely through the body organs and systems, maintaining health.
Scientific Evaluation: Disputed, but largely discredited; while its Taoism is ignored in scientific studies, these studies have yet to demonstrate acupuncture's effectiveness scientifically. A definitive three-year study released in 1991 concluded acupuncture was nothing more than, at best, a powerful placebo.
Occultic Potential: Taoist practice and philosophy; psychic practitioners; meditative programs and other occultic practices used in conjunction with acupuncture therapy.
Major Problem(s): Acupuncture works on the basis of psychological, religious, or occultic principles, not scientific ones or its own stated theories.
Biblical/Christian Evaluation: Classical acupuncture involves the practice of an ancient pagan medicine inseparably tied to Taoism.
Potential Dangers: Needle stimulation has occasionally produced physical complications and injuries, some serious; misdiagnosis of a serious illness; occult influence.
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Mar 30, 2014
I'd say it's okay from the little I know about it. Even if it came from bad practices, I don't see why Christians couldn't use it. After all, we aren't worshiping a god or anything by participating, but enjoying benefits from a practice that is supposed to make you feel great. I see it the same way I see stretching.
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May 31, 2014
I don't see anything wrong with it medically but I don't know about all the chi yin and yang energy
Dec 26, 2013
Yes, because we refuse to have faith God is our great healer
1. God doesn't always heal people by Himself.
2. It is not refusing to have faith in God by going to treatments or doctors. God gave some humans the ability to become doctors and stuff so they can heal people...
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