Can Christians Go To Acupuncture?

We humans have taken God out of the equation for healing. We are negative and lack faith for healing to manifest in our lives. Jesus never once said go to the doctor and I will use them to heal you. We have replaced God with doctors.
That is a frightening ultimatum afforded between faith and reality. It reminds me of the cause behind the headlines in the link I posted. Children who died because their parents preferred prayer to medicine.

When God is omniscient, all knowing, and omnipresent, how can God not be the spirit guiding the hand of that surgeon saving a life from a ruptured appendix? How do we not see God working there when God is a spirit.

When a child has a fever of 102, how can our infinitely powerful eternally present King of Heaven not be the source, the intelligence, that guides the chemist that created that antibiotic, that other medicine, that saves that young life from fever?

When God is everywhere, when God is love, no Doctor replaces God in the healing of the sick and ailing among us. Rather, Doctors and Pharmacists, and all who devote themselves to healing, are those that God sends to answer our prayers. Because it is his anointing that gives them their gift.
How do we think God heals if we do not see God's handiwork, God's eternal power, working through medicine?

A farmer is in Iowa during a flood. The river is overflowing. Water is surrounding the farmer’s home up to his front porch. As he is standing there, a boat comes up. The man in the boat says, “Jump in, and I’ll take you to safety.”

The farmer crosses his arms and says stubbornly, “Oh no thanks, I put my trust in God.” The boat goes away. The water rises to the second story. Another boat comes up. The man says to the farmer, who is now at the second floor window, “Hurry, jump in. I’ll save you.”

The farmer again says, “Oh no thanks, I put my trust in God.”

The boat goes away. Now the water is inching over the roof. As the farmer stands on the roof, a helicopter comes over, and drops a ladder. The pilot yells down to the farmer, “I’ll save you. Climb the ladder.”

The farmer yells back, “Oh no thanks, I put my trust in God.”

The helicopter goes away. The water continues to rise and sweeps the farmer off the roof into the swiftly moving water. Unfortunately, he drowns.

The farmer goes to heaven. God sees him and says, “What are you doing here?”

The farmer says, “I put my trust in you, and you let me down.”

God says, “What do you mean, let you down? I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”​
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