Can I Get My Fellow Christians' Feedback On Something?

Hey all,

Was hoping you'd be so kind as to "weigh in" on a T-shirt design I just made.

It's basically a “Keep Christ in CHRISTmas” theme, which originated because just I feel as though our society's completely lost sight of why we're celebrating to begin with. And some of the proceeds are going to charity, so at least I'd be doing something nice this Holiday season.

Anyway, here it is:

I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts on the design and such. Thanks!
Hey -- this is one of my things as I do a lot of designing for fashion magazines and retailers (Nylon mag, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, etc etc).

I think it's OK, but I would make the composition more centered as that is the current trend at the moment. The colors could be more muted (for instance, you can keep the color scheme as I understand what you're doing, but maybe have them more subdued.

The idea is good though, and I think you're on to something.

I'll show you a brief idea/sample shortly.
I wouldn't initially stick with these, but one trend that's been staying consistent for a few years is geometric shapes with very simple typography.

Since this is more text-based, I stuck with that theme. Here are a couple of examples. MerryChristmas1.jpg MerryChristmas2.jpg

Christmas is also family oriented too.I suggest:dropping the star and have an outline of a female and a male
near the manger.