Can we get the ACLJ?

Can we get the ACLJ?

I have a question/suggestion regarding the news forum/ I noticed it has a section for AFA bulletins. I listen to the radio broadcast for the ACLJ(American Center for Law and Justice) and find it an excellent informational source for keeping tabs on whats going on in our state and federal Gvt concerning the latest attacks on our religious freedoms from our representatives, the ACLU, and the Freedom From Religion activists. I think a link to their sight of some sort or if we could set up something with them so they could send updates and headlines to the forum,it would be a great addition to this sight, in tandom with the AFA section, to keep us aware.

Pastor Gary

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Until the CFS Administrator has a moment from his very busy University Schedule to address this suggestion, feel free to hit the link below for the latest news from the organization:


A real fine organization who does much for the kingdom.