Can You Change The Will Of God?

VoilĂ , I'll let God answer you.

God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? Num 23:19

That's a life verse given to me by Father at the beginning of my walk with Him, ...His Word is Truth.

God has a purpose in His mind, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, the problem is getting man to change his will to accomplish God's, He does this by changing our hearts (He would never change our will against our will, that would be spiritual rape and Father is NOT a rapist) and after our hearts are changed we, in love, change our will to do the Father's.

We find in the Old Testament where God repented of what He said, but that was because the human instrument's heart was changed to do the will of God which is what He had planned/willed to do in the first place, several instances come to mind, i.e., telling Abraham to sacrifice Issac, but then relenting and providing a ram caught by the horns in a bush, which Jesus teaches us the rest of the story, that Abraham knew he was acting out prophecy, or wiping out the Children of Israel and making a great nation out of the family of Moses, God was looking for an intercessor and we are told Moses became the friend of God and God spoke to him face to face like no other man Ex 33:10, De 34:10.

I hope that helps.


The Jews are doing one thing(saving Holy Jerusalem).The Church is proselytizing the world.Those who are doing a great
job should get some leverage with the Lord,as with Paul getting stuff with his demise,impending.

I'm not sure this question was ever asked by St. Thomas Aquinas, but these are the questions he often asked--simple questions with complex answers, like "What is God?"

The simple and direct answer is a resounding NO.

Major asked a good follow up question; "Why would you want to?" If the answer is, "Because I think I might know better," this would be like assuming knowledge is an element besides God rather than a gift from God.

It reminds me of the statement most of us have probably heard before; "If God is so powerful and so loving, why is He so conceited and needs us to worship Him?" Of course He's not conceited, nor does He need us to worship Him. Instead, He loves us so much that worshiping Him is for OUR benefit--not His. But the ironic thing is ask such a question and mean in is conceited in itself. It's suggesting maybe that you deserve worth-ship.

Not calling bobsmith out on anything--I like the simpleness of the question.