Can You Find 30 Books Of The Bible?

Can You Find 30 Books Of The Bible?

The following was sent to me by my mom. Dear Mods if there is a copyright here?... I don't know? Feel free to remove if you even think there is.

That aside this has been a fun and frustrating excercise. Tip: I made one copy and saved it in my Bible Study Documents. Then I made another and used that one to find the books of the Bible.

When I found a book I would go back and bold the letters of that book making it stand out from the rest of the text.

Then if you care to share your discovery you can copy and paste ONLY THAT PART OF THE HIGHLIGHTED TEXT NAMING THAT BOOK.

Good luck if you decide to play and I hope this blesses you as it did me. Have fun . :)

PS - Lets not give up on this utill we reveal all thirty books! There isn't a time limit. I've only found nineteen! :D


There are thirty books of the Bible in this paragraph. Can you find them? This is the most remarkable puzzle. it was found by a gentlemen in an airplane seat pocket, on a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, keeping him occupied for hours.

He enjoyed it so much he passed it on to some friends. One friend from Illinois worked on this while fishing from his john boat. Another friend studied it while playing his banjo.

Elaine Taylor, a columnist friend, was so intrigued by it she mentioned it in her weekly newspaper. Another friend judges the job of solving so involving, she brews a cup a tea to help her nerves.

There will be some names that are really easy to spot. That's a fact. Some people will soon find themselves in a jam, especially since the book names are not necessarily capitalized.

Truthfully, from answers we get, we are forced to admit it usually takes a Minister or scholar to see some of them at the worst. Research has shown that something in our genes is responsible for the difficulty we have in seeing the books in this paragraph.

During a recent fund raising event, which features this puzzle, the Alpha Delta Philemonade booth set a new sales record. The local paper, The Chronicle, surveyed over 200 patrons who reported that this puzzle was one of the most difficult they had ever seen.

As Daniel Humana humbly puts it " the books are right here in plain view, hidden from sight." Those able to find all of them will hear great lamentations from those who have to be shown. One revelation that may help in that books like Timothy and Samuel may occur without their numbers.

Also keep in mind that punctuation and spaces in the middle are normal. A chipper attitude will help you compete really well against those who claim to know the answers. Remember there is no need for a mad exodus.

There really are thirty books of the Bible lurking somewhere in these paragraphs waiting to be found. GOOD LUCK.
Upon quick review

I took the message you shared here and found only 15 names of books of the Bible on my first quick review.

This is going to be challening and fun.

Thanks for posting this.

I'll get back to you when I find more. I hope I can find the next 15 without too much of a struggle.
seeking 10 more--- seek "& find
Fantastic...I know many more are working this. Lets hold back the proof of our finds for awhile so as to give some fun to those whome (or who?.. is their an english teacher here?) may find this even more challenging that others.

I thought this game was a "real hoot".:D
now I have 4 to go

Oh , they are really there.

This one is good.

I need to take a break before I look for the final four.

Please do not post the answers until I find them all.
I guess I should add

that I didn't realize the puzzle wasn't copied properly but I was getting a feeling that something wasn't correct.

Thanks so much for putting the right puzzle on here.

Yeah,,,,,,,, It's all done now.

Still enjoyed working on it.
I had received this about 6 months ago from a friend and worked on it for 3 days off and on. I do have all 30, but I won't post them unless you ask. It was very difficult, I have to be honest I had an extra pair of eyes (friend) spot some.
Thanks guys...:eek: like I stated I was sent this by my mom by email. So I can't verify how the original looked. Maybe this explains why I have only 19 books. I also haven't had any extra eyes helping.......till now...get it. ;)

For those of you that have em...lets hold off...I'd like to give those that haven't had a shot at it...a chamce.

Mod Question: If one of the posters having an original copy were to PM you that copy could you correct the copy in my original posting so everybody would have the same fair shot?:)
Thanks for putting it on here

The answers are already posted on the link that was shown.

You have found enough to be nearly done. I wonder if people generally get the same first 15 alike?
WaaaaaaaH! I didn't go check the link out. I guess the party is over. Well it was fun while it lasted.;) I hope you guys had some fun while giving the Lord Glory!
Is there another puzzle or game where we can search for answers?
No I'm not aware of any..however I'm sure there are whole web sites that would contain just that subject maybe under Christian Games or puzzles. Maybe a Google search?:)

Just for info I am working as we speak on a sort of a game. I'm going to post probably under Bible Study forum since the Mods probably wouldn't allow it here under a real game.

But just the same I'm going to post under the heading of "Daily Tools" from time to time... some questions that I have and still wrestle with...that I hope will help others in their Daily walk with Him.

By each of us sharing and bringing something to the table we often can be given insight into matters that sometimes may seem obscure.
I feel harrassed on this site by one member

This member has over 3,000 posts and just told me of the many friends they have on this site.

I thought this site was to be strictly monitored for friendly Christians only. I believed it may be true when I signed on.

I was also invited to accuse or leave the site.

I know if one can be here this long then I won't leave just because of that one but I will leave because it's not what I thought it would be.

Do you have any pointers or can you tell me how to end my membership here?
Gosh I hope I haven't said anything that could be construed to be in anyway harmful or hurtful. Please forgive me if it was taken that way. May God!
oh, so sweet

That is so kind of you to be concerned.

There is only one person that has been posting confusing statements and things that appear to me as antiScriptural.

You have not done anything wrong that I know of.

It's always nice to meet someone nice when you feel there is a nasty tare among the wheat.